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We have 10% off site wide codes in the following countries running now until 21st October. These codes which give customers 10% off over 19 million books:
Malaysia - ML10
Serbia - SE10
Indonesia - ID10
Austria - AS10
Philippines - PH10
Ireland - IR10
Malta - MA10
Slovenia - SL10
Norway - NO10
Chile - CL10
Croatia - CR10
Belgium - BE10
Finland - FI10
Turkey - TK10
Sweden - SW10
Taiwan - TW10
Valid until Sunday, 21 Oct 2018.

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The Book Depository is an international bookseller shipping our books free of charge, worldwide, to nearly 90 countries. By working with various world postal authorities and other carriers, we are always looking to add more countries to this list and will work to do so in the future.
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